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Prev/Next Tabs is one of those modules that you didn't know that you needed. Once installed, you will wonder how you got along without this feature.

The module allows you to easily go to related pages. This comes in handy as your website gets bigger or you have many pages that fall under the same parent.

ProcessWire Forum Member macrura is the author of this fantastic module.

Installing The Module

The following video shows the module being installed on a test website.

VIDEO: Installing the Prev/Next Tabs Module

Using The Feature

Now that the module has been installed, you can now easily go to related pages. You can have this feature work on all templates or designate which templates have this handy feature.

Here are a series of screenshots that show the feature being used. The first screenshot shows the Prev/Next Tabs on the right hand side of the page. It shows that the "Social Media Strategy" page is the next sibling page. You now just click on the button.

Now we are on the "Social Media Strategy Page". The "Telephone Infrastructure" sibling page is the next page available. Once again you click on the button.

Now we are taken to the "Telephone Infrastructure" sibling page. This continues with any other sibling pages. You can go forward or backwards to reach other sibling pages. This is very convenient for anyone needing to work on these types of pages.

The following video shows the Prev/Next Tab feature, just as was shown on the screenshots.

VIDEO: Using the Prev/Next Tabs Feature

Related Source Documentation

Note: Prev/Next Tabs was introduced in January 2016. This module is at Version 0.1.4 and was last updated in December 2017.