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Files Rename Replace

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Files Rename Replace makes the process of changing the name of a file on a ProcessWire page an easy process. It's one of those things that you would think would be a standard part of how things normally work. Once installed, the features of this module give you great flexibility when you need to make changes to PDFs or other attached files.

ProcessWire Forum Member robin-s is the author of this handy module.

Installing The Module

The following video shows the module being installed on a test website.

VIDEO: Installing the Files Rename Replace Module

Using The Feature

The following screenshots only show the notifications from a file being renamed.

This is what you see if you click on the actual notification. It shows you where the page was saved.

The following video shows this feature being used to rename a file on a test page. Before we actually get to the renaming feature, this video shows the creation of a file field. Then it shows PDFs being uploaded to the demo website.

VIDEO: Using the Files Rename Replace Feature

Related Source Documentation

Note: Files Rename Replace was introduced in April 2018. This module is at Version 0.1.6 and was last updated in June 2018.