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ALIF - Admin Links In Frontend

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Admin Links In Frontend is a very convenient module for website maintainers. If you need to easily switch back and forth from the ProcessWire Front-End to the Back-End, you will come to appreciate this module.

The ProcessWire Support Forum member horst is the author of this very useful module.

Installing The Module

The following video will show the module being installed on a website.

VIDEO: Admin Link In The FrontEnd Installation

Getting ALIF Working

Once the module is installed, there are detailed instructions on the code that needs to go within your template.

Once you have copied the code from the module settings, it needs to be added to your template.

Once this is done, you will then see the ALIF shown how you configured it in the Front-End.

That's it. The next video will show the process of adding the code to your template and how it will show up on your website.

VIDEO: Adding ALIF To ProcessWire Template And Front-End Display

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Note: Admin Links In Frontend was introduced in December 2015. This module is at Version 1.1.2 and was last updated in July 2016.