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Page Clone

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Page Clone is a Core module that adds a copy button on the Pagelist. This module is not installed as part of your basic ProcessWire install. With this module installed you can easily clone/copy/duplicate pages in the ProcessWire admin.

Ryan Cramer, ProcessWire Creator, Maintainer and Lead Developer is the author of this module.

Using The Feature

The following video shows the Page Clone feature in use on a website. Being able to quickly clone a page is a nice feature to have when you want to create additional pages and they are very similar to what you already have created. It's one of the many time saving optional features that are a part of ProcessWire.

VIDEO: Using the Page Clone Feature

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Note: Page Clone was introduced in July 2012. This module is at Version 1.0.0.

I would reccomend that you listen to Ryan Cramer's original explanation of this feature. It properly and expertly explained how the Page Clone feature works.