Discussing ProcessWire CMS Infrastructure And Configurations

Technical Issues

The Bi-Monthly Technical Issue Series explores the many different ways of using ProcessWire.

ProcessWire Modules

Discussons about ProcessWire modules will form a major part of each Technical Issue. There are many different types of modules that are released on a yearly basis. Each publically released ProcessWire module has been created to serve a distinct and previously unrealised purpose. While the ProcessWire Community is small, the quality and functionality of what gets released is normally of a hgh caliber.

Over time, many useful and very practical Non-Commercial modules never get adequate publicity or exposure. The capabilities and practical features of many of the Commercial releases are only known to the buyers of those modules. Everyone is not privy to potential solutions that these Commercial modules could provide.

Articles within each Technical Issue are intended to provide more information about all types of ProcessWire modules. These module related articles will have examples, screenshots or short videos that will show:

  • The module being installed on a website.
  • Basic configuration settings (on the administrative back-end) for the module, where appropriate.
  • Any Front-End displays, where applicable.
  • Sample content that utilizes the module's functionality or capabilities, where appropriate.

Each Technical Issue will have three distinct published sections that are devoted exclusively to ProcessWire modules:

  • Inside Core Modules - A look at individual ProcessWire Core modules, their basic use and function. Articles will give more insight into what these modules do and why you should want to use any that aren't already default activated.
  • Third-Party Modules - An inside look at free modules created by Ryan Cramer and others that aren't part of the ProcessWire Core. There are a multitude of modules that haven't been talked about in awhile. These modules may not have been updated in awhile, however they still are applicable and could provide a solution to someone. Some modules (like Tracy Debugger) will have a series of articles in many Technical Issues.
  • Commercial Corner - An ongoing and engaging look at individual Commercial modules. A module like Form Builder, ProCache or Media Manager are covered in a series of articles that involve more than one Technical Issue. Some of the Commercial Corner articles will cover things that have been brought up in the many forum posts. It is realised that not everyone has access to the VIP Forums and this is a way to highlight some solutions that these modules can provide.

Other ProcessWire Infrastructure

Technical Issue articles will attempt to provide more information about how the other parts of ProcessWire can be useful to the website builder or owner.

  • Template Tidbits - Different ways of using templating, Templates and Template Files in ProcessWire.
  • Field Focus - A look at the various different ProcessWire fields.
  • Process Programming - Using Hooks, the PW API, incorporating Third-Party applications and/or custom PW/PHP code to get things done. Code examples and just specifics about these things would go a long way in increasing understanding about what can be done.
  • The Front-End View - An ongoing discussion of using different Front-End frameworks or no framework with a ProcessWire website. Everyone has their favorite set of tools. Here is a place where how these things work can be explained.
  • The Back-End Admin View - A discussion of administrative related ProcessWire topics. This covers backups, security setups, upgrade of modules or a gamut of many things that occur within the back-end of the website.

ProcessWire Professionals (Developers and Designers)

The Technical Issue has an Insight section that is a two part review and analysis of the work of at least one individual.

  • Part One goes over most of the published (functional) modules that a ProcessWire Developer has published. The order listed is based on the Developer's view of their importance. ProcessWire Designers feature their porfolio of websites or applications that they have brought online. This is where the featured individual has a short introduction (through information supplied and approved by the featured individual).
  • Part Two collects a glimpse of the Professional's inner thoughts into how ProcessWire works for them. This is an opportunity for the individual, in their own words, to talk about how the ProcessWire project and infrastructure impacts them.

Individual Technical Issues

It's very important to note that ocassionally, not all sections listed here will be published with each Technical Issue. The three module sections will always be an integral part of all Technical Issues.

We will attempt to cover the other sections in individual Technical Issues, however we cannot promise that we will always have a knowledgeable subject matter expert available to discuss those areas.

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