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Episode 8 - Conversation About “Interesting Discussions” Blog Articles

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Episode 8 - Conversation About “Interesting Discussions” Blog Articles

This is Charles Stevens, Editor of PW Review.

Our Blog series will now include a synopsis of modules, topics and issues that are under current discussion. The discussion areas are:

ProcessWire Support Forum
ProcessWire Support Forum (VIP - Commercial Modules)
Github Issues

This is not intended to be an all inclusive list of reported problems. The goal is like the title indicates, to show a few of the "Interesting Discussions" that have been reported and are being worked on.

It should be noted that anyone not subscribed to the VIP Support area for a particular Commercial Module will not be able to access the content of the provided link.

Blog #2019-002, will be the initial listing of "Interesting Discussions"

That's it for this Podcast episode.

Thanks for listening