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Episode 6 - Conversation About The April 2019 Technical Issue

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Episode 6 - Conversation About The April 2019 Technical Issue

This is Charles Stevens, Editor of PW Review

We will talk about the publication of our first Bi-Monthly Technical Issue.

When I started putting the Technical Issue together, I had no idea of the amount of time that it would take to research the content and write the articles.

It was a labor of love and a rewarding occasion. Unfortunately, the Process Programming, Template Tidbits and Insights sections were not a part of this initial issue.

I'm more of a Web Developer and in no way do I consider myself an accomplished programmer. I know that I will have to invest some of my time towards learning more about the ProcessWire API and other programming areas. This effort would then enable me to author at least a few beginner articles in the Process Programming section. It is hoped that there will be some guest writers that will provide help towards making this section viable on a recurring basis.

The Template Tidbits section would have been published, however upon final review, I found out I needed to rerecord the 2 videos that should have been featured. I looked at those 2 videos and they had a few technical and display problems. These were recorded when I first was learning how to use my video recording software.

I will need to invest some time working with the ProcessWire Community in regards to making the Insight section a viable reality. This will involve coordinating with Developers and Designers so that each person can feel good about telling their unique story.

Despite those problems, I felt that the initial Technical Issue was worth the effort.

The Inside The Core Modules section features the Page Clone module.

The Third Party Modules section features ALIF - Admin Links In Frontend, Prev/Next Tabs and Files Rename Replace modules.

The Commercial Corner section features Form Builder. There are 2 sub-section articles about this form creating module. They are Podcast Transcript Enhanced and Breakdown - Client Contact Us Form.

The Field Focus section features an article about the Page Table field.

The Front-End View section features an article about simple Uikit CSS Changes.

The Back-End Admin View section features articles on Using Import Pages CSV To Add Pages and Trashing Pages.

We are already busy working on the next Technical Issue which will be published in June.

If anyone has questions or constructive comments about our Technical Issue series, please feel free to email us or fill out our Contact Us form.

That's it for this episode.

Thank you for listening.