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Episode 2: PW Review Website Contents: Blog and Podcast Series

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Episode 2 - PW Review Website Contents: Blog and Podcast Series

Hello, this is Charles Stevens, the Editor of the PW Review.

In Episode 2, we will talk about the PW Review Blog and Podcast series that are part of the website.

Let’s talk about the Blog first. The Blog is a continuing series of written conversations about ProcessWire updates, issues, requests and bits of forum related information. This would be information that wasn't included in Ryan Cramer’s informative weekly blog posts normally published on Fridays or the Weekly dot PW postings that are published on the weekend.

Some Blog items would reference those two important sources, as well as documentation in the main ProcessWire website. The Blog will talk about any useful article, website or ProcessWire Forum posting that provides a teachable moment for the ProcessWire Community.

The Blog will also occasionally discuss computing platforms, hardware and software that supports working with the ProcessWire web building or web design infrastructure.

Now let's talk about the Podcast. The Podcast will be a continuing series that will feature discussions about ProcessWire. Topics discussed would be mainly about modules, module updates, quick setup tidbits, occasional follow-up announcements from module developers and any late breaking information regarding ProcessWire focused themes.

Podcasts recordings will normally be between 2 to 35 minutes in length. Written transcripts of each episode (to be provided as a downloadable PDF) will be available on the PW Review website.

That’s it for this episode. In Episode 3, we will talk about the Commercial Form Builder Module.

Thanks for listening.