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Episode 1: PW Review Website Contents: Bi-Monthly Technical Issue Series

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Episode 1 - PW Review Website Contents: Bi-Monthly Technical Issue Series

Hello, this is Charles Stevens - the Editor of the PW Review

In Episode 0, we gave you a brief introduction to the PW Review project.

In Episode 1, we will talk about specific content that will be published on the PW Review website. In this episode we will talk about the Bi-Monthly Technical Issue Series on the PW Review website.

As a reminder, The PW Review website is located at www dot pwreview dot com (that’s spelled P-W-R-E-V-I-E-W).

The Technical Issue Series will cover a variety of ProcessWire related subjects that will be published on a bi-monthly basis. Each Technical Issue can be read online or downloaded as a PDF document, for reading at a later time.

Each Technical Issue is independent of any other issue and will be broken down into several distinct sections. Based on the content reviewed, each issue may not have the same total number of sections.

The sections are broken down as follows:

Inside Core Modules - A look at individual Core ProcessWire modules, their basic use and function. Articles will attempt to give more insight into what these modules do and why you would want to activate any that aren't already working.

Third-Party Modules - An inside look at free modules created by others and Ryan that aren't part of the core. There are a multitude of modules (new and old) that don't get the press or haven't been talked about in awhile. This would also be a good place to have examples or short videos of these modules in use. That would cover the front-end side (where applicable) and the back-end administrative component. Some modules (like the popular Tracy Debugger) could have a series of articles in many different PW Review Technical Issues.

Commercial Corner - An ongoing and engaging look at individual Commercial modules. A module like Form Builder, ProCache or Media Manager would be covered in a series of articles that would involve more than one PW Review issue. Articles could and should cover things that have been brought up in the many forum posts.

Template Tidbits - Different ways of using templating, Templates and Template Files in ProcessWire.

Process Programming - Using Hooks, the ProcessWire API, incorporating Third-Party applications and/or custom ProcessWire/PHP code to get things done.

The Front-End View - An ongoing discussion of using different Front-End frameworks or no framework with a ProcessWire website.

The Back-End Admin View - A discussion of administrative related ProcessWire topics. This could cover backups, security setups, upgrade of modules or a gamut of many things that occur within the back-end of the website.

Developer's Insight - A three part review of the work of at least one ProcessWire developer.

Part One would go over most of the published (functional) modules that a developer has published.

Part Two attempts to collect a glimpse of the developer's thoughts into how ProcessWire works for them.

Part Three would have each developer answer an already published and established series of questions. There would be a part of the website where anyone could go to these questions and see what answers each developer gave to a particular question or read each developers answers to all questions.

That’s it for this episode. In Episode 2 we will talk about the Blog and Podcast Series that will be an integral part of the PW Review website.

Thanks for listening.