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Episode 0: PW Review - An Introduction

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Episode 0: PW Review - An Introduction

Hello, my name is Charles Stevens

I would like to introduce you to my latest project - PW Review.

You may ask yourself, What is PW Review? That’s fair, please let me explain.

PW Review is a website that is made up of a Technical Issue Series that is published on a Bi-Monthly basis. There are also 2 Series (a Blog and Podcast) that are published on an ongoing basis. All of these resources are dedicated to discussing all things related to ProcessWire (which is PW for short).

I am the Editor of the PW Review website which means that I will be the primary person writing and discussing things on the website.

If you aren’t familiar with what ProcessWire is, then I would ask that you go to the ProcessWire website at www dot processwire dot com. ProcessWire is spelled P-R-O-C-E-S-S-W-I-R-E

The PW Review website is located at www dot pwreview dot com (that’s spelled P-W-R-E-V-I-E-W).

PW Review attempts to take a detailed look into the inner workings of the ProcessWire world. Things such as modules, templates, fields and other ProcessWire related components. We will talk about programming code, using custom fields or even how forms are used with ProcessWire. One of our goals is to provide some insight into the many diverse tools that will help anyone building websites using ProcessWire.

The ProcessWire website itself has a lot of very useful information, documentation and includes a very friendly Support Forum. In PW Review we will look at this website and actively talk about it’s content.

We will also occasionally talk about and refer to some of the many topics discussed in the ProcessWire forum. Forum topics that are reviewed in the PW Review are ones that focus on important problems, issues and solutions that could impact anyone in their own website building projects.

A lot of the focus of the PW Review website will be about talking about the many ProcessWire Commercial Modules that are available. The existing ProcessWire VIP Forum for Commercial Modules is a great asset where subscribers can get up-to-date help and support. Users of ProcessWire who haven’t purchased these great modules don’t have an easy way to glean any insight into the worthiness of these Commercial modules. It is hoped that the PW Review website will provide some needed input and clarity about how these Commercial modules can be useful to web developers and their clients.

There are also many Non-Commercial modules that may not get much press, however are very useful. The PW Review website is intended to take a good detailed look at these modules and talk about their usefulness.

Finally, there are Core specific modules that are included with every ProcessWire installation —- that are not installed by default, but are useful.

The PW Review website hopes to give insight on why you would want to install these Core modules and a little bit of information about how they are configured on the admin side.

The PW Review website is meant to be a positive medium for discussing all things related to ProcessWire. This will not be a place where anyone’s contribution to the ProcessWire community is criticized or demeaned. I believe that everyone’s contribution is important and my goal is to promote contributions to the community whenever I can.

The articles in PW Review are meant to be fair minded, slightly technical in nature and focussed on promoting the benefits of using ProcessWire. The PW Review articles, postings, videos and audio are hoped to be informative to the reader or listener. The PW Review website will be developed utilizing Ryan Cramer’s UiKit Blog profile.

Initially, probably for the first few issues of the Technical, Blog and Podcast series, I will be the sole writer of the content on the website. I do solicit the participation of others and will be working to ultimately make the PW Review project a community contributed repository. There will be information within the PW Review website that will go over how anyone can contribute their time, knowledge or written articles.

PW Review is a strictly non-Commercial entity and has no official connection to the main ProcessWire project. I do serve as a ProcessWire Forum Moderator, however that job has always been on a strictly volunteer and non-paid basis.

All Commercial modules used on the PW Review website and all Commercial modules reviewed are purchased independently, by myself, using my funds.

That’s it for our introduction to PW Review. In Episode 1, we will talk in more detail about the PW Review website, specifically the Bi-Monthly Technical Issue Series.

Thank you for listening.