Discussing ProcessWire CMS Infrastructure And Configurations

Episode #2019-001: An Introduction

Hello ProcessWire Community

My name is Charles Stevens. I would like to welcome you to this website.

I have worked on and off with this idea for the last 20 months. On and off means that during that time I have sketched out what I felt should be the website structure, given serious thought about what should or should not be covered and actually worked on some of the proposed content articles. I've taken a significant amount of that time period to better understand how ProcessWire works. I'm still no expert, however I feel that working on this website will help me learn more about ProcessWire. I also serve, as a volunteer Moderator on the official ProcessWire Support Forum. That job also gives me an interesting and helpful perspective on many things related to ProcessWire.

At the beginning of 2019, I went from occasionally thinking about the PW Review idea to actually making this project's goals a reality. In February of this year, I communicated to Ryan Cramer, the ProcessWire Forum Moderators and a few other Module Developers within the ProcessWire Community about my plans for bringing the PW Review website online.

What Exactly Is The PW Review Website About?

Simply, the PW Review website is a place to discuss the ProcessWire CMS Infrastructure and Configurations. The links listed below will take you to our Podcast Series page where in the first 3 podcasts, we attempt to explain everything about the PW Review website. We provide the written transcript for each podcast show. It is shown on each individual podcast page.

What Expectations Should Anyone Have About This Website?

The PW Review website will not be perfect. There are bound to be many things that I won't do correctly or situations that I probably could have handled better. I'll be writing and speaking about ProcessWire, from my point-of-view. I will actively solicit participation, from others, however I will also carry on with the publication of PW Review without it. My reviews and comments will always be positive, as this platform will not be used to criticize or demean other peoples work.

I hope everyone can enjoy the PW Review website and it's content as something that is helpful to the ProcessWire Community.

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