Discussing ProcessWire CMS Infrastructure And Configurations


PW Review is and will always be a project whose main goal is to promote the ProcessWire ecosystem in a positive manner. It must be understood that there will never be any negative comments or reviews on this website. We beleive every contribution from the ProcessWire Community has merit and will be supportive of ProcessWire module creators, whenever possible.

Our Purpose And Intent

This is a strictly non-commercial undertaking and the work of volunteers. Our goal is give a little more visibility to the many different parts of the ProcessWire infrastructure.

This website has no advertising of any kind. Analytical information gets captured, however it is only used to track and eventually improve visits to individual website pages.

ProcessWire has been and continues to be a blessing for many. It's a powerful tool that has provided anyone using it with immense freedom to create websites. We would rather spend our valuable time promoting this wonderful Open Source project than a micro second tearing it down.

Any problems that anyone encounters with ProcessWire are easily resolved by posting issues on Github or creating a topic in the ProcessWire Support Forum.

Please use this information as a guideline on what's acceptable on this website.

Article Research

The information on this website is vetted as much as is humanly possible. Individual articles are researched to ensure that what is presented is correct and up-to-date. We review and consult the following information sources:

  • Official ProcessWire documentation
  • ProcessWire Github issues
  • Non-Commercial Module Github Pages
  • ProcessWire Support Forum topics
  • ProcessWire VIP Support Forum topics

We will make corrections, where necessary, to articles or website content.

Community Involvement

The long term goal for the PW Review project is that there will be active participation, of some type, from the ProcessWire Community. It will take time to define what that looks like, however we support eventual Community participation and guidance.

In the near short term, we strive to establish and maintain this online resource as best as we can.

Commercial Modules

ProcessWire Commercial modules are purchased exclusively by Charles Stevens.

Videos and screenshot examples are intended to give anyone who hasn't purchased a Commercial module a wealth of information about the functionality of these types of modules.


This website doesn't accept any financial contributions. We do gladly accept article submissions from the ProcessWire Community. We are receptive to receiving constructive comments, code snippets and technical advice that can be used to make PW Review a better online resource.